Boogle lease bike (available in selected cities)

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Buying a bike in The Netherlands is easy, but maintenance is costly and selling is a pain in the ass. That's why ISIC thinks a lease-bike, for an affordable, fixed, monthly fee including maintenance, is the way to go for international students. 

Reserve your bike with ISIC for €7,50, and pay a fixed monthly fee of €12,95. The €7,50 will be deducted from your first month of membership. 

The bike will be delivered during the introduction days of your university, or you can pick it up at a Boogle Store.

Tilburg - 17-1-2020 - Campus Universiteit Tilburg
Nijmegen - 30-1-2020 - HAN (Not physically present, issued at Boogle store: Wheels Tweewielers/ Rijwielboetiek Henk Geurts)
Arnhem - 31-1-2020 - HAN (Not physically present, issued at Boogle store: (Van Rooy Tweewielers)
Utrecht - 1-2-2020 - Campus Utrecht University
Nijmegen - 3-2-2020 - Campus Radboud University

The bike lease plan is simple and straightforward and looks like this:
- Fixed monthly low rate starting at €12,95
- The E-bike subscription costs €39,95
- Monthly terminable contracts (minimum membership of 3 months)
- Maintenance costs covered
- Pick-up point in selected student cities in NL:

Almere, Amsterdam, Breda, Deventer, Den Haag, Gent, Groningen, Haarlem, Heemstede, Hengelo, Leeuwarden, Leiden, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Utrecht, Voorburg 

* ISIC is not the provider of this service. We charge a one time fee of €7,50 to set up the order and then we will send you the links to order the bikes and complete your order. If you have paid the €7,50 but change your mind, you can cancel your order with us and we will refund you. 

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